San Gennaro Review Montreal Restaurant Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: San Gennaro

“The reigning champ of Al Taglio pizza in Montreal courtesy of the Bottega family.”

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San Gennaro

The reigning champ of Al Taglio pizza in Montreal, courtesy of the Bottega family. Roman by tradition, chef-owner Fabrizio Covone went to the Eternal City to learn pizza-making under Rome’s undisputed king of al taglio, Gabriele Bonci. Having built a cult following off the backs of the ephemeral breakfast pie and the now iconic potato and caciocavallo pie, San Gennaro’s slices are renowned throughout the city. Pizza aside, they also make a delicious bomboloni and a drool-worthy affogato in the summer. To fully get the neighbourhood feel, drop by on Mondays between 3 and 8 p.m. for apperitivo. (69 St-Zotique E.)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: San Gennaro

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