Jorja Smith falling or flying review

Jorja Smith, Falling or Flying: REVIEW

“The British singer-songwriter’s sophomore LP sees her attempting to make a more expansive and mature album than her debut, five years later.”

Jorja Smith, Falling or Flying (Famm)

When the harsh realities of fame and fortune start bogging you down, how do you make art about it? Jorja Smith attempts to answer this question on her second album (and her follow-up to 2018’s Lost & Found), Falling or Flying. Recorded after she’d moved from London back to her hometown of Walsall, a town in the West Midlands with a population of 67,000, Smith’s sophomore LP sees her attempting to make her most expansive and mature album yet. Results are mostly positive, but some may vary.

Though it’s an interesting look into how Smith’s artistic evolution has taken shape five years after her debut, it feels a little all over the place (the pop-punk-ish “GO GO GO” is a bizarre detour, for example), and the album’s middle section feels considerably weaker than its start (“Try Me”, the dancefloor heater “Little Things”) and end (penultimate track “Backwards” is a definite standout). Falling or Flying is a decent second effort from Smith, but could’ve benefitted from trimming some of its fat, and the five-year gap from her debut can leave some wanting more. 7.5/10 Trial Track: “Little Things”

Jorja Smith, Falling or Flying: REVIEW

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