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Legault wants Trudeau to stop saying diverse refugees are welcome

“It’s about time for Justin Trudeau to write a new tweet because we’ve passed our limit.”

Premier François Legault took the time today to post a video of himself spouting anti-immigration and not-so-subtly xenophobic rhetoric at a press conference. The comments appear to be in reaction to a 2017 tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (which was pictured in Legault’s tweet) saying that refugees of diverse religions are welcome in Canada.

Legault said that Trudeau needs a new message because Quebec has passed its limit for such refugees, citing capacity issues in housing and schools, as well as a lack of hospital staff.

Last year, Legault welcomed an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees with open arms, but appears to draw the line when diversity is a factor.

Last week it was reported that the federal government is discussing the possibility of fast-tracking permanent resident applications from Syrians and Turks caught in the earthquake zone.

François Legault wants Justin Trudeau to stop saying diverse refugees are welcome

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