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When will the government acknowledge that 50% of Canadian renters are barely getting by?

The rising cost of housing is having a significantly more negative effect on renters than owners.

As rising housing costs affect mortgage holders and renters across Canada, a study by the Angus Reid Institute has found that 50% of Canadian renters are having a difficult time paying their rent. This is significantly higher than the percentage homeowners who say the same about paying their mortgage, 28%.

“Renters are having a more difficult time with the high cost of housing than mortgage holders on average. This, as vacancy rates in many cities plummet and squeeze out low-income individuals.”

—Angus Reid Institute

Approximately the same percentage of Canadian renters (8%) and mortgage holders (11%) say their payments are easy to make. Owners (50%) are more likely to say their payments are manageable than renters (41%.)

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