Léger François Legault election surprises

Léger: “There will be surprises — this election is not over”

The president of the most accurate polling firm in the country believes that the next five weeks will show some volatility in the polls.

The latest Quebec election poll by Léger has found François Legault polling in first place with 42% support. Despite the CAQ’s significant 25-point lead in the polls, Léger President Jean-Marc Léger believes that the election is not over, and that we’re in for some surprises over the next five weeks, before we vote on Oct. 3.

“There will be surprises. Dissatisfaction can emerge during the election campaign; this election is not over.”

—Jean-Marc Léger

Last month, Léger also spoke about how Quebec elections are more difficult to predict than those in the rest of Canada because Quebecers are less loyal voters.

Léger: ”There will be surprises; this election is not over”

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