François Legault multiculturalism Dominique Anglade bilingualism oppose

“François Legault and Dominique Anglade oppose multiculturalism and bilingualism”

Balarama Holness has reacted to Legault’s anti-multiculturalism comment and simultaneously slammed Liberal leader Anglade.

Balarama Holness, the leader of the new Quebec political party Bloc Montréal, came out against a statement that Premier François Legault made about multiculturalism on Thursday. Legault said, “It’s important that we don’t put all cultures on the same level; that’s why we oppose multiculturalism.”

Holness responded by saying that Legault and Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade oppose multiculturalism and bilingualism. Anglade has been quoted as saying that promoting bilingualism in Quebec is “extreme.” Holness has also criticized the Quebec Liberal Party for initially supporting Bill 96.

In a statement yesterday, Holness requested that the Quebec Liberal Party clarify their position on multiculturalism in Montreal.

“The Quebec Liberal Party, having flip-flopped on language and cultural issues, should clarify their stance on interculturalism versus multiculturalism and whether they recognize Montreal as a bilingual, multicultural city. This is an answer that all Montrealers and Quebecers deserve to know.”

–Balarama Holness

Balarama Holness: “François Legault and Dominique Anglade oppose multiculturalism and bilingualism“

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