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The top 5 poutines in Canada from la Poutine Week are all in Quebec, obviously

Montreal variations of our national dish dominate the list.

La Poutine Week has announced the winners of this year’s festival, compiling the top 5 best poutines in Canada for its 2022 edition, as voted by festival participants. The top spot went to Maamm Bolduc for their Bolduc PBJ poutine, while the Urban Poutine by Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine took second place. In third place was la Renversante by la Gaspésienne 51 in Quebec City.

The top 5 best poutines in Canada from la Poutine Week 2022

1. Maamm Bolduc, Bolduc PBJ

“Fries, curds cheese, gravy, deep fried Mac and cheese bites, peanut butter sauce, bacon jelly and chef Will chili oil.”

2. Chez Simon Cantine Urbaine, The Urban poutine

“Our homemade fries, a double portion of squick squick cheese and our lightly Cajun-spiced brown sauce, all topped with Sugar Daddy Bacon smash burger sausages, grilled back bacon, caramelized onions and buffalo sauce.”

3. La Gaspésienne 51, La Renversante

“Cette décadente poutine est composée de Frites maison, sauce mornay à la bisque, fromage en grain « Le petit Gaspésien », poireaux confits accompagnés d’une coquille aux fruits de mer!!! Généreuse portion de crabe des neiges, crevettes et pétoncles ainsi que purée de pomme de terre au fromage cheddar et ail confit se trouvent à l’intérieur de cette fameuse coquille!!! Il est bien important pour que les saveurs se mélangent de renverser la coquille sur vos frites!!”

4. BLVD Bar, BLVD Bulgogi

“Korean beef, curd cheese, sriracha mayo, fried pickled green onion, fresh green onion, bulgogi BBQ glaze, sesame seeds.”

5. La Belle Tonki, Sate Drip Poutine

“Sate sauce ‘That Drip Sauce,’ labneh, lime zest, pineapple chutney, basil, chili pepper chips, popcorn chicken, fries, cheese curds, gravy.”

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The top 5 best poutines in Canada from la Poutine Week are all in Quebec, obviously

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