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Would you invite unvaccinated family or friends over for the holidays?

Most Americans would. Most Canadians wouldn’t.

According to a new Leger study on celebrations over the holidays, 35% of Canadians say they would still invite a family member or friend into their home if they knew that person was not vaccinated.

Conversely, a much higher percentage of Americans would let an unvaccinated person into their home over the holidays, at 54%.

A similar percentage of Canadians, 32%, would accept a family member or friend’s invitation to a party if they knew unvaccinated people would be present. The percentage increases to 47% when asked to Americans.

Would you invite a family member or friend for the holidays if you knew they weren’t vaccinated?

The study also confirmed that almost half of Canadians plan to let go of social distancing at holiday gatherings this year.

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