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Liberals 32% (0), Conservatives 33% (+1), NDP 19% (-1): LEGER

Justin Trudeau’s shot at a majority went from 51% to 17% since the beginning of the campaign.

According to the final poll by Leger ahead of today’s federal election in Canada, the Conservatives have increased one point over the last week to 33% in overall voting intention, while the Liberals have remained at 32%. The NDP have decreased one point down to 19%. The poll was conducted from Sept. 14 to 17. The last federal voting intentions update from Leger took place from Sept. 10 to 13.

Despite a very strong debate performance, Annamie Paul and the Green Party decreased from 3% to 2% in overall voting intention. Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada increased one point to 6%.

The Liberals have dropped four points since Justin Trudeau called the election on Aug. 15, when there was a 51% probability that they would win a majority. According to the CBC Poll Tracker, there is currently a 17% probability that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada will win a majority and a 74% probability that they will win the election.

Final Leger Canada election poll: Liberals 32% (0), Conservatives 33% (+1), NDP 19% (-1)

When Justin Trudeau won the federal election in 2015, he secured a majority with 39.47% of the popular vote. In the last federal election in 2019, Trudeau won a minority with 33.12% of the popular vote, below the Conservatives who achieved 34.34%.

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