Maxime Bernier Anamie Paul

Somehow Maxime Bernier is more popular than Anamie Paul


A Leger poll recently asked Canadians which federal party leader would make the best Prime Minister of Canada. According to the survey results, Justin Trudeau was the most favoured leader, at 26%, followed by Jagmeet Singh at 19%. What is perhaps most surprising is that Green Party leader Anamie Paul is even less popular than People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, with only 1% support compared to Bernier’s 3% for the role of Prime Minister.

Somehow Maxime Bernier is the more popular choice for Prime Minister of Canada than Anamie Paul

The Green Party leader is the newest party leader, and is therefore the least known of the bunch, not to mention the fact that she is not a sitting MP. Paul has also been embroiled in controversy recently due to the defection of one of only two sitting Green Party MPs to the Liberal party, and perceived party in-fighting due to the fallout.

Maxime Bernier, meanwhile, is a well-documented fool favoured by the likes of Fox News anchors.

Despite respondents’ feelings about the party leaders, in terms of voting intentions the Green Party has 4% support while the People’s Party of Canada has 3%.

The Green Party still beats the People’s Party of Canada in voting intention.

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