WATCH: Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper salutes the Habs

Candid comments following the Game 5 loss.

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup last Wednesday, July 7, and the NHL has released a video of Tampa head coach Jon Cooper giving words of encouragement to various players on the Montreal Canadiens after losing Game 5.

Cooper first speaks with Cole Caufield, saying, “You’ve got a bright future, kid.” During a brief interaction with Brendan Gallagher, he calls him a “warrior,” and when speaking with Nick Suzuki, he refers to the Habs’ Stanley Cup run as his “coming out party,” reminding him to keep going and the importance of a good “work ethic.”

It’s his interaction with Carey Price that really speaks to the true character of both men. “It aches for me, I ache for you buddy,” Cooper says. Price responds with a simple, “Congratulations coach, you deserve it.”

This was not an easy series to watch for Montreal Canadiens fans, and it feels like a month ago that Habs lost in the final, even though it only happened last Wednesday. But watching this footage reminds us of the importance of sportsmanship in sports, which can be often be overlooked in the emotions of it all.

Check out the video below. To see clips of the Habs thanking their fans in Montreal, please click here.

WATCH: Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper salutes the Habs

Go Habs Go.

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