The Best Android Tablets 2021

A list of the most critical and advanced tablets you will find.

Android tablets are still leading as the best tablets on the market in 2021. The tablets are easy to configure the operating system and provide natural support for multitasking with proper or synced notification systems. On top of that, the tablets have exemplary integration with other services, including Gmail, Google Maps, Meet, and other Google-based services. Not many platforms can offer such seamless integration in services that can match all your needs, especially if you want to play free online slots. Users get to experience the latest operating systems for their tablets with cool software upgrades.

Best Android tablets in 2021

What readers or potential buyers should consider when getting a tablet is whether or not it has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection or both. If the user can use it for learning, drawing, or painting, and whether the design is durable, sleek with strength or weakness, and easy to break. The budget available for the purchase should always play a role, but you may need to spend a little more!

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
  • Lenovo Tab P11 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Huawei Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung is taking over the tablet market by providing the powerful, luxurious look and feel and possibly the most advanced Android tablet on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has many features working for it. The highlights include quality speakers (Quad), an OLED screen, and refresh rates reaching (120Hz) for a perfect day streaming movies or playing games. If not in your alley, consider using the stylus pen accompanying the tablet to sketch or draw. Activate the DeX software by Samsung in the tablet and use it as a laptop or desktop. Make it into an office computer, and there is nothing you cannot do while relaxing at home.

The battery life you can work with being around over 13 hours. The more exciting feature is the USD-C charging making the tablet compatible with other devices, and thus, no need to spend on an extra charge. If worried about theft, the device can only open using facial recognition. The screen may be a little dull for your liking, and it can be a bit slow. However, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is one of the best android tablets in 2021.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

Lenovo follows closely with the Tab P11 Pro. The manufacturer is famous for designing some of the best laptops, has ventured into the tablet market. Lenovo brings a close contestant to Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The tablet has a perfect display or OLED screen, high refresh rates at 60Hz, and firm (quad) tablet speakers. Users can stream news, movies, music and listen with quality audio speakers anytime. Plus, quality and long-term battery life add to the attractiveness of the device. Transform the tablet into your workstation by attaching a keyword and converting it to a laptop. Use the stylus (Precision Pen 2) by Lenovo to prepare paintings, drawings, or sketches for presentation or advance your creativity.

The only letdown when using the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is the picture quality due to the low- quality camera. However, every other aspect of this Android-based tablet is superb. Many tech advisors indicate that the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is an excellent alternative for the Samsung 7 plus design and more price-worthy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has every feature and characteristic a potential user looks for in a tablet. First is the longer-life battery going for more than half a day or 12 hours. Second, the design is not only streamlined but also sleek in appearance. It looks more modern and streamlined than its counterparts in the Samsung tablet selection. The bright and clear displays, quality sound from the speakers make streaming comfortable and unique. You can use it to search for any information you need, even if you want to read Casumo reviews.

Use any app you desire on the Tab S6 Lite. There are no limitations with what is available. Draw, sketch or paint using the stylus pen with the low-latency images. It is a default setting reducing the chances of potential loss by snapping to the top of the device. It is an invention, an android tablet worth taking an interest in, and quite affordable.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei may be an unexpected appearance on this list, but it does offer some fantastic benefits. It comes with all essential applications, and you can add some of your own. Plus, it is affordable and provides a kids-friendly locking mechanism for the fingerprint sensor; there is no need to hide your tablet from the kids. Plus, fingerprint security protects the kids from accessing uncensored material on the internet and official documents or drawings you may have on the tablet. Apart from being kid-friendly, the tablet screen resolution is relatively high, making for a clear and bright display. You can watch family-friendly toons, movies or stream live via Wi-Fi. If alone, add a headphone for privacy.

Draw or sketch using the Huawei M-Pen. Review your drawings on the clear and high-resolution screen. Carry the tab with you for long-distance, and don’t worry about recharging with a battery life of more than half a day (13 hours). Plus, the device has a USB-C charging port; thus, compatible with many other devices and is rechargeable whenever in need. The device runs on android 10, similar to Samsung 7 plus above.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 operating system is 9, somewhat outdated when operating using the android 10 version. However, it does spot all the benefits the other tabs offer with a sleek AMOLED display for checking out fantastic images, watching movies, and above all, for better sketching capability. Plus, the screen is high-resolution for clarity, accompanied by a quality camera at 13MP +5MP for the rear one and 8MP for the camera on the front. Don’t forget to take down your official notes, prepare a schedule or reminders using the tab stylus pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 may not be a recent model or design, but the features do rival that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Also, it comes with a smooth platform and user interface that are top-notch but do not surpass the latter. The only catch is that the tab does not have a headphone jack and may be challenging to listen to or watch a movie in a public place, for instance, train or bus.


There are many more Android tablets gracing the market every other month. However, the list above makes up the most critical and advanced tabs you will find. Therefore, it is essential to take a closer look at the operating system, sketch, take notes, and perform other work-related activities before making a purchase. All of the above android tablets fulfil all the desired functionalities of a tablet, and some are kids friendly.