Pizza Bouquet

Beloved Montreal slice spot Pizza Bouquet is back, in its own location

The Petite Patrie fave has set up shop across the street from its original spot inside NDQ.

Beloved Little Italy slice-shop Pizza Bouquet made its triumphant return this week. The shop has been on a hiatus since late December after moving out of the Beaubien bar Notre Dame des Quilles (NDQ) into their own space across the street. Over the years, Bouquet has developed a cult following by slinging some of Montreal’s best pizzas out of the most ramshackle kitchen you can imagine. Bouquet even made the Top 5 in the Best of MTL readers poll.

The new shop promises more options as well as the ability to exceed the 60-pies-per-night limit that the former kitchen imposed. While a full-on pizza turf war seems to be raging a few blocks down on St-Viateur with Pizza Toni, Fugazzi and Slice & Soda duking it out for top slice, those in the know will omit the street entirely and grab one of Andre Theriault’s sensational slices. And if a slice simply won’t do, full 16” pies are available too and never run more than $26. 

Earlier this year, rumours of adding a small grocery section in addition to beer and wine to go floated around — only time will tell if they materialize. For now, the neighbourhood (and pizza fans in general) are delighted to have their old standby up and running again.

Pizza Bouquet is back

Pizza Bouquet is now located at 45 Beaubien E. (and is, for the moment, cash-only). To see the menu, please visit their website.

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