5 Tips to Maximise Your Casino Experience

Casinos may be a little overwhelming if you’re a first-timer.

Montreal’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene makes it one of the best party capitals in Canada. Not only do the establishments have amazing DJs, but even supper clubs transform into celebrations in the evening. Casinos are also part of the nightlife scene. Despite there being only two, namely Montreal Casino and Magic Palace, they still have over 3,400 slot machines, 115 table games, and 43 poker tables. Of course, when in Montreal, you want to make the most of your casino experience, so here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Observe proper etiquette

It doesn’t matter if you’re two people in a room or twenty — it’s important to observe the proper decorum when at a casino. After all, it’s fairly easy to get carried away in a game with friends. If you’re playing group games with others, Gala Casino’s ‘Roulette Etiquette’ guide emphasises the importance of keeping celebrations short and not too loud. Remember to follow the dealer’s instructions at all times, and feel free to ask questions if needed — it may save you from accidentally disrupting your own game.

Follow the safety guidelines

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and casinos have only recently re-opened with strict guidelines. In fact, CTV News reports that because of the new limits to how many are allowed inside casinos, people will need to reserve a time slot online and are required to have a face mask on at all times. Fewer players will be allowed per table and those playing touch-screen slot machines will need a rubber pen, so they don’t directly touch the device. As such, it’s important to follow the rules and do your due diligence as a visitor to ensure your safety, as well as other people’s too.

Familiarise yourself with the games

Casinos tend to have brochures at game tables, where rules of the game are outlined. As mentioned, you should feel free to ask the dealer questions. However, try to limit these to clarifications as you can’t ask for guidance from dealers. As for slot machines, coming to the slot machines with no experience in a casino isn’t advisable. Fortunately, there are numerous online casinos that you can use to practice and get acquainted with before diving into the real thing. There are also free games, such as Super Monopoly Money, that can help you learn the ropes.

Do more than just gaming

Of course, casinos are places to enjoy different games. But another thing you should definitely try is the food. In Magic Palace, you can find Mirela’s restaurant, where you can enjoy an excellent selection of wine and a wide variety of dishes. Meanwhile, Casino Montreal has five restaurants that offer different atmospheres and menus. You can also visit their Bar Poker, where you can have a nice cold beverage with pizza and sandwiches. They also host a variety of show programs every night, ranging from karaoke and DJ line-ups to live performances.

Avoid peak hours

Arriving during peak hours means you have fewer tables and slot machines to choose from. Plus, personnel won’t be too busy to help you if you’re a newcomer. Peak hours would usually be lunch breaks or evenings, however, certain circumstances can affect them. For instance, weekends and holidays definitely mean you have more competition. Casinos sometimes hold tournaments as well, and this tends to draw crowds and waiting lines.

Casinos may be a little overwhelming if you’re a first-timer. But with a bit of preparation on your part, you can have an unforgettable experience.