Look forward to blossoming trees at Montreal’s Botanical Gardens this Spring

Looking Forward to the Best of Montreal

With Spring around the corner, many of us are tentatively looking forward to getting out and about and enjoying our city again.

With Spring around the corner, many of us are tentatively looking forward to getting out and about and enjoying our city again. 

Montreal has so much to offer that it would of course be impossible to fit everything into one article, but here are some activities that we might enjoy the soonest. If you’re struggling to plan where to head in the city this spring, then let this be your inspiration.

Treat Yourself to Some New Fodder

Montreal is lucky to have a thriving international food scene and just because life has been progressing at a steadier pace recently, doesn’t mean that restaurants have been resting on their laurels. New opening, Restaurant Mastard has been perfecting a three-course takeout menu which is every bit as delicious as the fair they offer inside. 

For $35, you can treat yourself to hearty haute cuisine that champions local produce. If fine dining is occasionally a little fussy and not quite filling enough for you, then this restaurant is what you’ve been hoping for. 

Steaming hot ham broth with root vegetables is served alongside homemade bread bursting with herbs. Their current main course is braised fowl with the rich umami flavor of mushrooms and a smokey sour cream. Sign us up.

Enjoy an Evening at the Casino

If you’ve been dying to get back to the buzz of the casino, then Casino Montreal is looking forward to welcoming you back again. Soon you could be sitting around a hushed table playing pot limit omaha, instead of playing online. 

Although there’s something to be said for the intense concentration that a quiet game of online poker can afford you, there’s something about the atmosphere around a real-life table that is hard to replicate. 

If you need to brush up on your skills, then there are plenty of tips and lessons online to help you get back to your a-game. Once you’re feeling confident and ready to play, it’s time to hit the town. Get dressed up smart, practice asking for your martini shaken not stirred, and prepare yourself for a classy evening.

Wander Through Nature

We’re all looking forward to the promise of some warmer weather, but perhaps nowhere more than our incredible botanical garden. With 75 hectares of immaculately tended green space, you will have plenty of space to enjoy the first tentative rays of sunshine. 

If you haven’t been to see the incredible Mother Earth topiary before, then you really have no excuse not to pay them a visit. For the moment, entry is free, but during high season Quebec residents can visit for $16.50, which is seriously affordable considering the garden has more than twenty thousand plants to tend to. 

Whilst you’re visiting be sure to make a trip to the planetarium, from here you’ll get unparalleled views of the night sky, it’s a really special place to spend an evening. So, pack yourself a thermos flask, bring your warmest coat, gloves, and hat, and enjoy everything that the natural world has to offer.