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Not actual Quebecers breaking curfew

Montreal police issued 586 tickets last week, 219 for breaking curfew

More and more people in this city are adhering to curfew and health and safety regulations.

Montreal police have announced that they received 448 calls from Feb. 1 to 7 regarding COVID-19 public health measures and violations. This is a decrease in the number of calls from the previous week, which were 536 (-88). The SPVM also confirmed that Montreal police handed out 586 tickets, down 113 from the previous week, including 219 (-73) for breaking curfew. 

While stores, museums and hair salons were allowed to reopen this week, there is no indication that the 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew will be lifted until at least Feb. 22, based on the Quebec government’s latest announcement.

The SPVM has announced that Montreal police issued 586 tickets for public health violations, including 219 for breaking curfew.

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