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Cineplex pulls the plug on TimePlay

The cinema company has axed the fan favourite moviegoing experience.

Cineplex has axed TimePlay, a fan favourite pre-show game that rewarded moviegoers with SCENE points. The company released the following statement on their site in regards to TimePlay’s termination:

“After nearly 32 million games and over 330 million SCENE points awarded, the end of 2020 will see the final TimePlay game played at Cineplex Theatres. Over the past six years, our guest have shown us their love for Timeplay and we want to sincerely thank all of the dedicated fans for their support. It has been a great time to play.”


Nixing TimePlay is not the only recent change Cineplex has made to their cinema pre-show. Early last year, the theatre chain released Tanner “Zee” Zipchen, the beloved host of their pre-movie experience. In an interview with the Toronto Star, Zipchen revealed his initial compensation was SCENE points instead of money.

Cineplex’s TimePlay will not return in 2021.

According to Barry Hertz, film editor at The Globe & Mail, Cineplex currently has one sixteenth of their 160 cinemas open across the country. Last month, the company teamed up with Scotiabank to join together their respective SCENE points and Scotia Rewards programs.

While many Quebecers are eager to return to cinemas, Cineplex has ramped up their rental and purchase services. Until the province can safely reopen theatres, titles that are still in theatres elsewhere in Canada, such as The Witches and Wonder Woman 1984, are being offered as “Home Premiere” releases.

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