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Azealia Banks clarifies that she did not eat her cat

The rapper brandished cat jaw fragments and showed off a six-year-old kid’s skull.

At the top of the year, rapper Azealia Banks sparked controversy for posting a video of her digging up and boiling her dead cat. This lead many to believe that Banks ate her late pet.

Thankfully, the “212” artist took some time out from her busy boiling schedule to clear the air:

“No, I didn’t eat the cat and I especially would not eat a cat that’s been dead for three months,” she confirmed to Australian radio hosts Kylie and Jackio. Banks did, in fact, boil the cat but says this was for taxidermizing purposes. She later reveals a pair of ear pieces made from her cat’s jaw.

Azealia Banks addresses dead cat rumours

Elsewhere in the interview, Azealia Banks showed off the skull of a deceased six-year-old who passed after experiencing head trauma. “There are actually many scientific websites where you can buy human skulls like this one,” explains Banks as she flaunts the skull.

Banks, of course, lived in Montreal for a short while at the beginning of her career. It was here where she established relationships with the likes of Jacques Greene and Lunice, and she continues to collaborate with the latter. The pair started the year off with a new track titled “Six Flags,” which you can stream below:

Azealia Banks and Lunice

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