François Legault with carolers Christmas

Photo by Emile Nadeau

Legault: Yes to Christmas, no to Chanukah

The so-called secular CAQ government legislates perks — a COVID pass, of all things — for the majority.

Quebec Premier François Legault and company did as CAQ does once again today, making illogical COVID-19 decisions and favouring the Christian (or at least Christmas-celebrating) majority with a pass to spend the holiday with family — 10 members of your family, from Dec. 24 through Dec. 27.

This potentially super-spreading Xmas 2020 blowout comes with a voluntary, suggested self-quarantine period before and after, from Dec. 17 to Jan. 3. To facilitate this, school is going online-only for elementary and high school students as of Dec. 17. So, do parents not have to go to work either?

When asked about gathering for the other major holiday celebrated in Quebec in December — Chanukah — Legault predictably said no dice.

Quebec Premier François Legault: Yes to Christmas, no to Chanukah

Irony and hypocrisy appears to be Legault’s favourite cocktail. The CAQ just granted a COVID pass for a Christian holiday when their chief defence of the heinous Bill 21 is the government’s so-called secularism. No, of course they’re not discriminating against Muslims — the rule applies to all religious garb! (Has a cross-necklace-wearing teacher ever been reprimanded, dismissed, denied the right to be promoted?)

Obviously the December holiday revolves around Christmas, and there would be nothing wrong with friendly government allowances on and around Christmas, like, say, free parking — a municipal thing, but you get the point. But the recklessness of making special rules for Christmas, rules that could severely endanger the public when people don’t quarantine before going back to school and work (because many won’t), is particularly insulting, especially when we’re a month out from Chanukah, a holiday that families won’t be able to celebrate legally. ■

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