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WATCH: An intense Montreal music video by MissMe & Random Recipe

Montreal band and art vandal team up for “Hey Boy.”

Renowned Montreal “art vandal” MissMe and hip hop/pop band Random Recipe have teamed up for a hard-hitting new music video called “Hey Boy,” with words and imagery sending a strong feminist message.

“This video is the product of loving sisterhood against the false narrative of female competition. This video is a F** Y** to all the industries that continuously try to sell womxn their own sexuality. You can’t sell us what we already own. All you can do is celebrate it. Womxn rising. We are doing it for our mothers and for our daughters. But most importantly, we are doing it for the greater good of humanity. So girl: don’t fear your power. Embrace it and share it. Because when everyone shines, the world is brighter”


Watch the video here:

“Hey Boy” by Random Recipe and MissMe

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