top 30 montreal songs of 2019


The Top 30 Montreal Songs of 2019

It’s been a banner year for the Montreal music scene. Here are the best tracks produced in the 514 this year.

10. “I’m a Witch” by Pale Lips

“Snitches gets stitches.”

9. “Free Dom” by Dominique Fils-Aimé

“Where have you been?”

8. “Domino” by Corridor

“Sub Pop have never before, in their 33-year history, signed a Francophone act.”

7. “The Dancer” by Ada Lea

“The coda might get you dancing, even if you’re not in the mood.”

6. “Fallait y aller/Salles combles” by Loud

“As much a victory lap for rap keb as one for Banx & Ranx, perhaps Montreal’s biggest success story in 2019.”