top 30 montreal songs of 2019


The Top 30 Montreal Songs of 2019

It’s been a banner year for the Montreal music scene. Here are the best tracks produced in the 514 this year.

The end of the decade is upon us. Hope you had a good one. Yes, 2020’s right around the corner, but we’re not marking that occasion here. 2019 was a solid year deserving of its own moment in the sun, not just the footnote in a long decade that was. Time for the best Montreal songs of 2019.

Same ground rules as before: one track per act, I didn’t confirm everyone’s current mailing address (although your Instagram accounts helped with location), and as much thought went into number 1 as number 30.

One more thing: I know we’re all broke, but if you like what you hear, go buy it at a physical music store! Or go see the band live!

2019’s Best Montreal Songs List

Last-minute bonus: “Next Round” by 999Section


30. “Soft” by Maryze

“The Hot Tramp team was everywhere in 2019.”

29. “My People” by Jerico

“Happy fifth anniversary to Moonshine. SMS for Location, Vol. 3.”

28. “Signal (Your Effect)” by Why Try

“Chillwave’s not dead!”

27. “The Moral Compass of a Self​-​Driving Car” by Yoo Doo Right

“Heavy krautrockers taking you for a ride.”

26. “Au loin au large” by Météo Ciel Bleu

“Sunny Ways?”