Underpriced wines are still a thing, pt. 2

Our resident sommelier recommends five amazing and affordable red wines.

As explored in pt. 1, where our resident sommelier recommended four amazing and affordable white wines, here are some red gems available at the SAQ:

Firriato Nari 2017

Nari is an Italian word for the aroma of wine. From a charming and sunny island, this wine evokes red cherry, dried fruits such as prune and spices, and has a medium body, melted tannins, ample texture and a pleasant finish. Pairing: meat and cheese or vegetarian pizza, beef bavette or braised beef.

80% Nero d’Avola, 20% Petit Verdot, Sicile, Italie, 750 ml, $9.55 SAQ code 11905809

Domaine Laroche La Chevalière Pinot Noir 2017

This pinot noir comes again from Languedoc in the south of France; Laroche is also converting this one to bio. It offers us red cherry, floral notes, fresh acidity, no oaky notes, melted (almost silky) tannins. Pairing: charcuterie or rainbow trout.

100% Pinot Noir, Languedoc, France, 750 ml, $13.60 SAQ code 10374997

Villa Wolf Pinot noir

Pfaltz is close to the Baden, the warmest region of Germany, which brings a marvelous, refreshing and medium bodied pinot noir, with notes of cherry, spices and smoke. It’s well balanced and rather long in the palate. Pairing: lightly spiced charcuteries, Italian or pork sausages, veal or veggie burger.

100% Pinot Noir, Pfaltz, Germany, 750 ml, $15.20 SAQ code 13087555

Sirius Bordeaux 2015

Why not drink a Bordeaux from the prestigious Sichel family? Sirius is, incidentally, the brightest star of the solar system. This wine brings red cherry, blackcurrant and floral notes, as well as a bit of oak and pleasant tannins. We have finesse and balance in the glass although it is very persistent in the palate. Pairing: beef bavette and caramelized onions or duck confit.

60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet-Sauvignon, Bordeaux, France, 750 ml, $13.80 SAQ code 00223537 

Barco Negro Douro 2015

The image on the label presents the sailboats on the sunny and marvelous Douro river. We can taste dark fruits, it is slightly woody, the tannins are melted — it is truly pleasant and incredibly long in the palate. Pairing: Portuguese chicken or beef brochettes.

Touriga National 70%, Tinta Roriz 30%, Douro, Portugal, 750 ml, $14.70 SAQ code 10841188

Claude Boileau is a certified sommelier.