New Turbo Haüs opening delayed

The newest version of Turbo Haüs will open a few weeks later than anticipated.

Sergio Da Silva. Photo by Mackenzie Lad

A few weeks ago I breathlessly wrote a lede which simply read “Turbo Haüs is back” atop a piece detailing the venerable venue’s return from the dead and its new digs at 2040 St-Denis. Turns out I was half right; at present, Turbo Haüs is backed up.

The newest iteration of the city’s most unkillable bar, venue, and “community space” was set to open for business on Sept. 1, bounding out of the gates with a scorcher of a bill featuring Tombs, Barishi and Spectral Wound. Tickets were sold, people were stoked and everything was coming up Milhouse.

Then, a predictable thing happened: things got waylaid by bureaucracy. For obvious reasons, Turbo Haüs can’t open without being legally allowed to serve alcohol. (The Tombs/Barishi/Spectral Wound show was moved to L’Esco.)

“It’s the liquor permit,” wrote Turbo Haüs co-owner Sergio Da Silva via instant message when asked what he’s waiting on.

“The borough [Ville-Marie] is trying to revamp the entire street and are swamped with admissions for different permits that have to come from several different departments. Just to get a sign can take like three months because it has to be approved by the CCU [Comité consultatif d’urbanisme], which only meets once a month.”

“It’s not a huge conspiracy, just awful timing, [which has] been the underlying theme of this whole project.”

At present Da Silva believes he’ll be open for business on or around Sept. 13, and for what it’s worth, he isn’t crying in his Corn Flakes about the setbacks. He actually seems pretty relieved.

“I’m looking at this as a positive. I can cross the finish line here a little more rested and ready to go. Also, the people who had events here have been able to find new venues and were very understanding, so that was a huge relief.” ■