Wednesday, May 9

* Opening for Rafael Sottolichio’s Wapizagonke
* Printemps Numérique’s Cabaret Numérique
* On the Pulse group show finissage
* Comedy with David Pryde
* Garage rock with Light Bulb Alley

Best of MTL 2018: Food & Drink

“Thank you Montréal for all the LOV! We are super happy to be nominated in this hot list!”—Stephanie Audet, chef at LOV, #4 Best New Restaurant, #4 Best Vegetarian, #3 Best Instagram Spot We’re happy to see that our readers pay attention to reviews by our food editor J.P. Karwacki as all your Best New […]

Best of MTL 2018: Goods & Services

Jeans Jeans Jeans, #3 Best Clothing Store (New) A number of you seem to get your lolz by voting for Pharmaprix as Best Drug Paraphernalia Store, though maybe you know something we don’t about administering mind-altering substances or making bathtub crank. In the Internet Service Provider category, we’re not surprised to see Bell at #4, […]