Best of MTL 2017: People & Places

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Natasha Nebula 2
Natasha Nebula, Best Weirdo #5

Our Prime Minister and Orphan Black/X Company actress Evelyne Brochu nailed the Hottest categories easily, and even though polling ended in early April, the Habs’ subsequent first-round elimination probably wouldn’t have kept them out of the Hottest Man and Best Sports Personality lists. (Sadly — very sadly — this is the last time we will consider Subban a Montrealer.)

Mayor haters have made their feelings known, pushing Denis Coderre to the top of the Tackiest Personality and Slimiest Politician categories, and reflected his pit bull policy and other scandals in the political categories. (With a municipal election coming next year, these Worst of Montreal designations are not a good look!)

Shout-outs are due to whoever voted for our columnist Johnson Cummins as Slimiest Politician, the person who called perennial Best Place to Have Public Sex winner Mount Royal “Sperm Hill” and the lover (perhaps literally) of “the tree that used to be in Westmount Park” in loads of categories, beginning with Hottest Woman.

Hottest Man
1 Justin Trudeau
2 Xavier Dolan
3 Tristan Ginger
4 Carey Price
5 P.K. Subban
6 Sugar Sammy
7 Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
8 Leonard Cohen
9 Denis Coderre
10 Paul Karwatsky

Hottest Woman
1 Evelyne Brochu
2 Maripier Morin
3 Eugénie Bouchard
4 Tranna Wintour
5 Audrey Ivory
6 Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière
7 Coeur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin)
8 Annie Demelt
9 Mitsou
10 Mutsumi Takahashi

Best-Dressed Montrealer
1 Evelyne Brochu
2 P.K. Subban
3 Justin Trudeau
4 Tranna Wintour
5 Xavier Dolan
6 Leonard Cohen
7 Marc Bergevin
8 Pierre Lapointe
9 Maripier Morin
10 Estelle Davis

Best Sports Personality
1 Carey Price
2 P.K. Subban
3 Eugénie Bouchard
4 Max Pacioretty
5 Brendan Gallagher
6 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
7 Georges St-Pierre
8 Alexander Radulov
9 Didier Drogba
10 Patrice Bernier

Tackiest Personality
1 Denis Coderre
2 Éric Salvai
3 Mose Persico
4 Céline Dion
5 Mado
6 Véronique Cloutier
7 Justin Trudeau
8 Michèle Richard
9 Éric Lapointe
10 Pierre-Karl Péladeau

Best Weirdo
1 Beaver Sheppard
2 Hollywood
3 Jean Leloup
4 Mado
5 Natasha Nebula
6 Adam Susser
7 Denis Coderre
8 Socalled
9 Mike Ward
10 Nick Younes (aka Yung Maducci)

Best Political Cause
1 Women/feminism
2 Black Lives Matter
3 Indigenous rights/Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
4 Climate Change/Environment
5 SPCA/animal rights/anti-pit-bull-ban/anti-BSL
6 Marijuana
7 Syrian refugees
8 Dans la Rue
9 Head and Hands
10 Trans rights/Taking What We Need

Best Politician
1 Justin Trudeau
2 Manon Massé
3 Craig Sauvé
4 Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
5 Denis Coderre
6 Amir Khadir
7 Françoise David
8 Sterling Downey
9 Thomas Mulcair
10 Valérie Plante

Slimiest Politician
1 Denis Coderre
2 Philippe Couillard
3 Justin Trudeau
4 Gaétan Barrette
5 Michael Applebaum
6 Jean-François Lisée
7 Luc Ferrandez
8 Gerry Sklavounos
9 Pauline Marois
10 Pierre-Karl Péladeau

Most Heinous Scandal
1 Pit bull ban/BSL legislation
2 Police corruption/surveillance scandal
3 Construction industry corruption
4 Bombardier bonuses
5 Highway 13 post-snowstorm
6 Michael Applebaum fraud/sentencing
7 Denis Coderre/city hall corruption
8 Gerry Sklavounos sexual assault allegation
9 Charbonneau Commission aftermath
10 City’s 375th anniversary projects/spending

Best Neighbourhood
1 Mile End
2 Plateau
4 St-Henri
5 Verdun
6 Little Italy
7 Villeray
8 Rosemont
9 Hochelaga
10 Petite Patrie

Best Place to Have Public Sex
1 Mount Royal
2 Parc Lafontaine
3 Lachine Canal
4 Jarry Park
5 Parc Jeanne-Mance
6 The Wiggle Room
7 Bell Centre
8 Parc Jean-Drapeau
9 Concordia library
10 Cinéma l’Amour

Honourable Mentions: McGill campus (lawn, library), Datcha’s bathrooms, Foufounes Électriques’s bathrooms, Laurier Park, Bell Centre, Champ des Possibles, Botanical Garden, the metro (in general, escalators, stations, the blue line is particularly popular), Old Montreal/Old Port (specific mentions of Clock Tower Pier), Mount Royal and Côte-des-Neiges cemeteries

Best Icon (c/o Tourisme Montréal)
1 Mount Royal/the cross on Mount Royal
2 Farine Five Roses sign
3 Olympic Stadium
4 Saint Joseph’s Oratory
5 Orange Julep
6 Leonard Cohen
7 Old Port
8 Notre Dame Basilica
9 Jacques Cartier Bridge
10 Evelyne Brochu

Honourable Mentions: Poutine, Place Ville-Marie, Sun Life Building, Habitat 67, Sir George Etienne Cartier Monument, St-Viateur Bagel, Alexander Calder’s l’Homme statue, Jean-Talon Market

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