New music by Jai Nitai Lotus and Karma Atchykah

“Montreal’s Black Star” are finally releasing their LP, The Honest Truth.

Jai Nitai Lotus
Karma Atchykah and Jai Nitai Lotus

Montreal hip hop artists Karma Atchykah and Jai Nitai Lotus collaborated for over a decade, combining their talents to produce what some people have called “the Montreal Black Star.”

Read Lotus’s summation of the project here:

“Karma and I have been working together since meeting in 2002 at a talent show. We really hit off in terms of influences and style and over the years we shared many moments on stage and in the studio. We recorded The Honest Truth LP in between 2003 and 2007 and was supposed to drop 2008 (on PTR records), as a follow-up to our The Notice EP (2006), but we both got lost in solo projects and it never happened. After the real strong response to our “Monday” song/video (off my ‘One- Off’ series) a couple weeks ago we felt like it would be a good holiday-freebie, before the New Year.

This project is really close to our hearts and was recorded during a special time in the scene here in Montreal. The music really speaks for itself: soulful, honest, raw hip hop shit. I produced the the entire album and Karma and I go back and forth on the rhymes. The artwork was done by Nik, and I believe he was not yet Over the Breaks at that time. (My niece on the cover was four or five years old, now she’s 13).

“Not a thing has been changed to this project and it still sounds fresh to the ear. The few select cats who had copies of it over the years would always mention it to us like ‘when are y’all going to put out The Honest Truth?!’ Karma and I sat down recently and listened to it to make sure it was a move we would both still felt good about taking. When listening we were surprised on how some of the shit we were rapping about is more relevant to us today then it was then…music is funny like that.”

Listen and buy the record here: