Il Motore is now Bar le Ritz PDB

The Mile Ex music venue is reopening next week. Details inside.

Il Motore

Il Motore as we remember it

A month ago today, it was announced that Mile Ex music venue Il Motore was closing temporarily, to be revamped with assistance from new investors. It was a great spot that booked tons of quality bands (thanks to its managers, local promoters Blue Skies Turn Black), but it was always a little makeshift, with black curtains hiding a lot of shabbiness left behind from its former lives as a store and sketch bar. God knows what else was behind there.

Today, the space remains dark while feverish construction and remodelling happens behind closed doors, but we have exclusive intel about the new name:

Bar le Ritz PDB

We’re told that acronym stands for “punks don’t bend.” That should prevent any confusion with this place.

Bar le Ritz’s official opening party is happening on Oct. 9, but there are a number of shows booked at the new space this month, including some POP Montreal festival gigs:

Sept. 13: The Growlers,The Garden & Nancy Pants
Sept. 14: Nik Turner’s Hawkwind & Witch Mountain
Sept. 18: Technical Kidman & Archery Guild (POP Montreal)
Sept. 19: Solids, Whirr, Cloakroom & Kestrels (POP Montreal)
Sept. 20: Deafheaven & No Joy & Indian Handcrafts (POP Montreal)
Sept. 26: Faggity Ass Fridays

Find more information about Bar le Ritz on their Facebook page