James Cameron is coming to Montreal

James CameronAvatar 2 is coming in 2016, bros.

So it’s still something like seven months off, but C2-MTL, the event that gets our city’s creative professionals SUPER FUCKING EXCITED, has confirmed that it will host James Cameron next May. Christian Louboutin, he of costly footwear, will be there, too. And so will these people:

Tony Hsieh — CEO of Zappos.com
Cindy Gallop — International Business & Brand Innovator
George Stroumboulopoulos — Host of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Peter Diamandis — Chairman and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation
Stefan Sagmeister — Designer
Bobby Dekeyser — Chairman and Founder, DEDON
Bjarke Ingels — Architect
Abigail Posner — Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development, Google
Simon Berry — Co-Founder and CEO, ColaLife
Zita Cobb — President, Shorefast Foundation

C2-MTL happens from May 27–29. ■

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