Listen to the new Arcade Fire album here

Reflektor, the full album, in its entirety, is here.

Black Orpheus
A still from Black Orpheus
Arcade Fire has made a stream of their new album Reflektor available via YouTube, a few days ahead of its Oct. 29 release on Merge/Universal.

Reflektor (600x600)What you’re seeing is a slightly edited version of the 1959 film Marcel Camus film Black Orpheus, based on the same Orpheus/Eurydice tale from Greek mythology that the band uses as a theme on the record. Enjoy!

(Note: What you hear from 35:45 to 45:13 is not actually part of the album, but a series of backwards snippets from the songs on the first half of the record. Side B, as it were, begins at 46:15.)

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