Saturday spins: Osheaga edition

Videos by some of the best bands playing today and tomorrow at Osheaga.

Bernard Sumner of New Order, back in the day

Osheaga’s on — and a limited number of Saturday and Sunday tickets have just gone on sale here — so here’s some viewing to celebrate what will soon be ringing out from Ile Ste-Hélène.

New Order, “Temptation”

A blast from the past, when New Order was a young band transitioning from their past as Joy Division. Raw, weird, melancholy and upbeat all at once.

The Breeders, “Cannonball”

THE classic Breeders tune. Their Osheaga set comes amid their classic-album tour for 1993’s Last Splash, from whence this great single came.

Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte, “Hey Love”

Dark and smoky vibes abound on False Idols, the new record by Tricky, and we like it that way.

C2C, “Down the Road”

French turntable artists C2C know how to unite a beat and a groove, and they’re not too shabby at videos either.

Holy Ghost!, “Wait & See”

NYC’s Holy Ghost!, signed to the esteemed U.S. electro label DFA, have mastered the art of tricked out dancefloor pop.

See our extensive Osheaga preview coverage here, and come back to on Monday for reviews and photo galleries. ■

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