EXCLUSIVE: A mix by RYAN Playground

RYAN Playground, via Lisbon Lux Records, offers up P L ▻ Y G R O U N D . M I X . I I and tells us where to see her first ever live performance and DJ sets in Montreal this week.

RYAN Playground
Here’s an exclusive mix by Lisbon Lux Records artist RYAN (aka RYAN Playground, aka Gen Ryan) who you may have spied around town recently, perhaps during her set at Cult MTL‘s 1st anniversary BBQ a couple of weeks ago:

This week, she’ll play her first ever live performance and a pair of DJ sets in Montreal. Details:

Aug. 1 ▻ Festival Mode et Design — DJ Set — 7:30 p.m.

Aug. 1 ▻ Royal Phoenix Bar — DJ Set — 10 p.m.

Aug. 3 ▻ MEG — (first live show ever) — 10:30 p.m.
For more RYAN, check out the video below. Threads by Travis Taddeo.

RYAN Playground ▻ A Milli from RYAN Playground on Vimeo.

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