Three local bands on the comeback trail

Suoni’s over and the Jazz Fest is about to occupy downtown. Here are some other shows you can see this week.

With the Suoni per il Popolo festival having pulled up stakes last weekend, the small clubs are quiet this week, but there are still plenty of gigs to choose from, including three local comebacks and one show that may end up in your year-end top 10 list.

Wednesday – When it comes to Montreal’s thriving improv scene, pianist Charity Chan is never far away from the action. At Casa, you can catch Chan and other improv locals Bernard Falaise (guitar), Alexander MacSween (drums) and Sam Shalabi (guitar).

Thursday – My pick of the week is a strange one as my own band (USA Out of Vietnam) will be taking up the middle slot for this gig. Pretty ballsy huh!?  Fuggit, Chicago’s Locrian has been my favourite band since I first heard their amazing album The Crystal World (Utech Records) two years ago, but it’s in the live setting that they truly crush. If you were lucky enough to catch them devastate Casa almost two years ago to the day, you know just how good this show is going to be. Locrian are the true kings of harsh, blackened psychedelic music. Better show up early as well to catch the shoegaze-y drone of Aim Low, who open up the night.

Even though Suoni’s officially over for this year, the improv keeps coming on strong with an album launch for Leftovers Diable!, featuring guitarists Alex Pelchat and David Dugas Dion (limited runs of their LP will be available via Cuchabata Records), with opening sets by Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St. Onge and Vergil Sharkya, plus Alexander MacSween and David Lafrance. This screech and skronk will all be going down at the Plant.

Friday – After a lengthy hiatus, garage stompers Devil Eyes are back to fuck up the program at la Brique with Ultrapterodactyle, Creaturos and Hands and Knees.

Another local act returning after a lengthy sabbatical is Demon’s Claws, who’ll turn Divan Orange into Dementia 13 with the yéyé/garage stomp of le Chelsea Beat and DJ Bloodshot Bill manning the tables.

Saturday – France’s punk rock kings la Fraction will make a Montreal appearance at Katacombes with the Brood, Dekoder, Silent Bones and Interferencia.

If the return of Demon’s Claws and Devil Eyes has your head spinning, it may just pop off when you get a load of this: local roots rockers Three O’Clock Train are back after a whole decade of dormancy. Along with Jerrry Jerry & the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra and the Nils, Three O’Clock Train owned the local clubs in the mid to late ’80s. If you want to catch a valuable piece of Montreal’s music scene history, don’t miss ‘em when they play at Barfly Saturday night. Also keep yer peepers peeled for remastered vinyl versions of their back catalogue as well as a new recorded slab o’ wax.

Sunday – The Sabbath is the night to catch NYC goth punkers Anasazi with one of the best local bands in the city, Complications, and the gothy sounds of Scene Noir.

Absolute weirdos and people with a particular kind of twisted sense of humour, make your way down to Katacombes for Viking Fest 2013 with Nordheim, Valfreya, Crimson Shadows, Ogmios, Vesperia, Dagaz and the Wild Hunt. BBQ of wildebeest will be happening on the terrasse and young Vikings are asked to bring their own mead in a wine skin. Uh, jus’ kidding’ there, ya silly Vikings. There will be no wildebeest but probably hot dogs or something, and puhlease don’t try and sneak in any mead.

Fresh from his record release party on Saturday, Bloodshot Bill takes the sweat-act slot at Divan Orange, with Mama Rosin capping off the night and DJ Mathieu Beauséjour spinning the tunes. ■

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