Saturday spins: Pixies, NIN, Janelle Monáe, M.I.A., Duck Sauce

The Pixies release their first new song in nine years, NIN directed by David Lynch, PLUS more new tracks & videos by Janelle Monáe, M.I.A. and Duck Sauce.

Janelle Monáe, Queen of pop

The Pixies, “Bagboy”

The Pixies have dropped their first new track in nine years, and it’s got their classic college rock signature all over it. This follows news of the departure of bassist Kim Deal, who left the band a couple of weeks ago and apparently doesn’t play or even sing on this track (hard to believe — that really sounds like her at the midway point). But we’ll see Deal soon enough, fronting the Breeders at Osheaga. For now, here’s a dumb-fun video for “Bagboy.”


Nine Inch Nails, “Came Back Haunted”

In other comeback news, here’s a new NIN video, directed by David Lynch! The album, Hesitation Marks, is out Sept. 3 on Columbia.


Janelle Monáe, “Dance Apocalyptic”

Following up on last month’s release of “Q.U.E.E.N.” (if you haven’t seen this video, do it now!), Janelle Monáe’s getting giddy as she grabs pop’s crown on “Dance Apocalyptic” — yes, she’s the new, improved Michael Jackson, point finale. Her forthcoming album The Electric Lady is out Sept. 10 on Atlantic. She’ll perform at the BET Awards tomorrow night, Sunday, June 30.


M.I.A., “Bring the Noize”

For those who haven’t been following the saga of M.I.A.’s struggle to release her fourth LP, Matangi, just know that there’ve been disputes with the label (Interscope), the record is now due out in the fall and she’s bringing it directly to the people this summer with a tour that begins in Montreal, at Metropolis on July 17. This is a new video (and if you’d like to see the Matangi Gold edition too, here it is) for a tune produced by Switch and Surkin.


Duck Sauce, “It’s You”

514’s own A-Trak (that’s him, down there) is known for his killer videos, whether on his own or with Armand Van Helden as part of Duck Sauce (yeah, they’re the guys behind “Barbra Streisand”). Brace yourself for some fresh sauce, in the form of psychedelic barber shop shenanigans.

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