Best of MTL 2013: Media

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Nowhere in Montreal is the whole two solitudes thing more apparent than in our city’s media. Judging by your choices in categories like Best Radio Show (CKUT’s Venus Radio), Best TV Station (CTV) and Best Newspaper (Cult MTL—thanks, dudes!), you are, startlingly enough, a largely anglophone bunch. Nonetheless, you picked Urbania—a French-language culture publication that earlier this year dedicated an issue to us square-heads—as your favourite magazine, and Radio-Canada’s Patrice Roy and Véronique Cloutier cracked Best Newscaster and Best Local TV Personality, respectively. As for radio, though he spent a few years in Alberta, you never lost your love for Terry Dimonte, and you’re apparently fans of Team 690 stalwart Mitch Melnick, too. And because we know there’s no end to your love for Mutsumi Takahashi (Best Local Newscaster, Best Local TV Personality), we reached out to her to find out what she thinks of you.

Best Radio Station
1 CKUT 90.3FM
2 CJLO 1690AM
3 CISM 89.3FM
4 CHOM 97.7FM
5 CBC 88.5FM/93.5FM

Best Radio Show
1 Venus Radio (CKUT 90.3FM)
2 Daybreak (CBC Radio One 88.5FM)
3 Go-Go Radio Magic Show (CJLO 1690AM)
4 Melnick in the Afternoon (TSN 690AM)
5 Underground Sounds (CKUT 90.3FM)

Best Local Radio Host
1 Terry Dimonte (CHOM 97.7FM)
2 Mitch Melnick (TSN 690AM)
3 Aaron Rand (CJAD 800AM)
4 Jeremy White (The Beat 92.5FM)
5 Tony Stark (Virgin Radio)

Best TV Station
3 Radio-Canada
4 Global

Best Local Newscaster
1 Mutsumi Takahashi (CTV)
2 Andrew Chang (CBC)
3 Paul Karwatsky (CTV)
4 Patrice Roy (Radio-Canada)
5 Peter Anthony Holder (Global)

Best Local TV Personality
1 Mutsumi Takahashi (CTV)
2 Frank Cavallaro (CBC)
3 Chuck Hughes (Food Network Canada)
4 Véronique Cloutier (Radio-Canada)
5 Lori Graham (CTV)

Best Magazine/ Zine
1 Urbania
2 Vice
3 Maisonneuve
4 Nouveau Projet
5 Snap!

Best Newspaper
1 Cult MTL
2 The Gazette
3 Le Devoir
4 La Presse
5 Journal de Montréal

Best Local Website
1 Cult MTL (
2 MTL Blog (
3 Hot Soupe (
4 Midnight Poutine (
5 Forget the Box (

Best Podcast
1. Midnight Poutine
2. Edge of the City
3. Laughmatic
4. Geek Collectif
5. High on Beats

Best Twitter Feed
1 @Fagstein
2 @MTLBlog
3 @EvanDubinsky
4 @CultMTL
5 @SPVM/#Manifencours

Best Instagram Feed
1 MTLBlog
2 Tristan Harris
3 LiveMontreal
4 NakedThursdays
5 ShutUpAndEatMTL




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