Best of MTL 2013: Film & Arts

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Let it never be said that Montrealers aren’t on it when it comes to the arts. We pride ourselves on our taste and savvy, and that’s why our cultural landscape is the nation’s crown jewel (suck it, Toronto).

You’ve voted Goon co- stars and real-life pals Jay Baruchel and Marc- André Grondin into the top two places for acting, while cementing Xavier Dolan’s domination of the local film scene with Best Director and Best Local Film honours. It’s nice to see a few indie start-ups getting some love. Galleries Greenlight and Rats 9 are new on the scene, joining street-art-heavy Fresh Paint and Yves Laroche, as well as the highbrow, innovative programming at DHC, among our favourites. Meanwhile, Glam Gam’s enthusiastic campaigning helped them score Best Play, and they ranked high in the Best Theatre Company category as well—where circus- burlesque innovators Blood Ballet Cabaret also came up strong. But the big-budget touring exhibit Star Wars: Identities took best of the year, proving that geek love trumps indie cred.

Best Local Actor
1 Jay Baruchel
2 Marc-André Grondin
3 Claude Legault
4 Xavier Dolan
5 Marc Labrèche

Best Local Actress
1 Jessica Paré
2 Karine Vanasse
3 Caroline Dhavernas
4 Alison Louder
5 Suzanne Clément

Best Local Filmmaker
1 Xavier Dolan
2 Podz
3 Patricia Chica
4 Mark Slutsky
5 Adam Reider

Best Local Film (of 2012-2013)
1 Laurence Anyways
2 Rebelle
3 Camion
4 Ceramic Tango
5 Fruit Hunters

Best Theatre Company
1 Glam Gam Productions
2 Centaur Theatre
3 Mainline Theatre
4 Geordie Productions
5 Segal Centre

Best Play
1 Little Beau Peep Show
2 Fureur
3 Trad
4 Red
5 Good People

Best Dance Company/ Choreographer
1 Les Grands Ballets Canadiens
2 Glam Gam Productions
3 Blood Ballet Cabaret
4 Dave St-Pierre
5 Marie Chouinard

Best Museum
1 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
2 Musée d’Art Contemporain
3 Canadian Centre for Architecture
4 McCord Museum
5 Redpath Museum

Best Gallery
1 DHC Art
2 Fresh Paint Gallery
3 Yves Laroche
4 Rats 9
5 Greenlight Gallery

Best Art Exhibit
1 Star Wars Identities
2 Star d’un Soir (Stare)
3 Uraniborg (Laurent Grasso)
4 Queer Portraits (JJ Levine)
5 Ryoji Ikeda

Best Local Living Author
1 Leonard Cohen
2 Rawi Hage
3 Heather O’Neill
4 Patrick Senecal
5 Michel Tremblay

Best Cartoonist/Comic Artist
1 Aislin
2 Rick Trembles
3 Michel Rabagliati
4 Walter K. Scott
5 Guy Delisle

Best Video Game Company
1 Ubisoft
2 Eidos
3 Minority Media
4 Bioware
5 Polytron Corporation

Best Fashion Designer
1 Denis Gagnon
2 Marie St-Pierre
3 Travis Taddeo
4 Jennifer Glasgow
5 Philippe Dubuc

Best Graffiti Artist/Crew
1 En Masse
2 K6A – A’Shop
3 Omen
4 Under Pressure
5 Roadsworth




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