A no-tell motel, as reviewed on TripAdvisor

We were perusing TripAdvisor one day when we noticed some surprisingly earnest reviews of a West End motel most Montrealers are familiar with.

Not the motel in question

In Montreal, as everywhere, there are some hotels we go to for a good night’s rest and some we visit with other things in mind. For an out-of-towner, though, that distinction may not be clear.

On that note, we present to you, without comment, a few non-Montrealers’ takes on a West End motel that most of us are familiar with.

“I actually feared the ceiling would cave in on our heads, if not for the stripper pole holding it up.”

[box type=”shadow”]My first clue should have been the bullet-proof glass the reception clerk was hiding behind.Essential for fending off pimps and gangsters. Let’s go down the list, starting with the odor. A non-smoking room in a hovel with this many years of Montreal underworld history is kind of a moot point. The bleached over-sterilization did little to hide the underlying stench of every nasty thing that came before it, and no more for the 60-thread count sheets that scratched our skin all that horrible night. Then there was the plumbing. A loud banging noise accompanied the use of the cold water, and two hands were required to force the shower tap on and off, no indicator for hot or cold, just take a guess, and get out a wrench. Our neighbours’ plumbing was equally shoddy, as our ears were to witness throughout the nightmarish experience. The whirlpool bath… yes, the one that enticed me into booking this miserable closet… was large enough for one pre-adolescent child and the filter rusted and gunked up with the skin and pubic hairs of prostitutes and gangsters come before us.[/box]


“genuine w*ore house!!”

[box type=”shadow”]This place was across froma strip club, the room had mirrors everywhere, adn I was constantly being solicited by men in the parking lot asking me if I was ‘working’, as in a PROSTITUTE!![/box]


“Not for families!!”

[box type=”shadow”]My husband and I were tired after several hours of driving and needed a place to stay. From the outside this is a nice looking motel good landscaping and is across from a large grocery store. The price we paid for the night was $155.00 which in my opinion was way overpriced. I have stayed at much nicer hotels for $89.00. The room itself was clean so no complaints there either. The one issue we had was that this seems to be a location where independent “night workers” conduct business.[/box]


“We stayed there with our 2 yr old as it was close to Grandma’s.”

[box type=”shadow”]This Motel caters to couples wanting to get away for some “intimate” time together. Many “fantasy” rooms availabile ie: mirrors above bed, jacuzzi, showers with picture window, 24hr porn channel free. We stayed there with our 2 yr old as it was close to Grandma’s. If you’re bringing children ensure you supervise their TV watching to ensure they don’t run accross the 24 Porn channel.[/box]

“Unaccommodating and nasty”

[box type=”shadow”]Reaized that there’s a strip club across the street after we booked and saw a call girl coming to the hotel. The rooms were designed for intimacy as described in other reviews. Definitely NOT appropriate for a family w kids. We left a 100+ pillow (tempurpedic) there after checking out by accident and called 1 hour after checking out. The reception/front desk told us that they threw the pillow out without even checking with the housekeeping service. The housekeeping was probably still cleaning the room when we called!! We even went back to talk to the front desk but again said they threw the pillow out without even checking with the house keeping service. Never had such an unpleasant experience with the customer service and being lied to.[/box]


“i was planning a getaway weekend for me and my wife”

[box type=”shadow”]weve been together for 10 years,, and wanted to do something special, the pictures on the site looked Awesome, but upon arrival our 200$ a night room was in a basement with discusting smell, by jumping i could hit the ceiling. very clostophobic, i said to my self, screw it,, i want a good weekend with my wife so i went to the office to upgrade room, went for the room 207 wich is all in blue for 275$ a night, room was a second floor, still a gross smell[/box]


“Welcome to the sex room!”

[box type=”shadow”]I spent $300 for a penthouse (room 124). Room did have a nice jacuzzi and shower but I didnt realize (and no one from reception told me ) that I will end up with a Strip Pole, mirrors in every single corner, poor conditioning, no doors to washrom/bathroom and filthy smell in th air. Room looked dark and cheap. You have no extra goodies (paper towels/tissues/dishes (even plastic/glasses, etc) No laundry service at all!!! Pictures of the room looked really great on the display but I would never believe it was so awful in reality. This place is definitely not for the families w/kids. Extreme lovers maybe, or “smooth operators” even[/box]

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