One-Night Stand: titty-fucking and donuts

Who’s on Lavalife? At least one guy who, post-orgasm, talks donuts.

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One-Night Stand is a column chronicling hook-ups in Montreal. In an effort to better understand what’s really unfolding in our bars, clubs and venues, we’re asking our readers to submit stories of their most memorable sexual experiences, be they great or terrible, with the new friends they make when they’re out. What follows is a firsthand account of what happens in our city’s bedrooms on any given night.

Age: 22
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Meeting place: Lavalife

The details: I met him at his place. I was 22, and still had braces. He was 28 and hot. I showed up to find candles lit everywhere and a glass of wine waiting. He gave me a massage and quickly we made our way to his bed, where he titty-fucked me and finished on my belly. After, he asked me if I liked donuts. He didn’t have any, but made sure that I didn’t miss my bus home. He walked me out with his towel on, as though he had another appointment coming, no pun intended. ■

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