CTZNSHP’s top LPs to get you through winter

The frontman for local post-punk power trio CTZNSHP provides Cult MTL with a list of essential records to ease the pain of the waning days of winter.

Jesse LeGallais (left) with CTZNSHP

Local post-punk power trio CTZNSHP, who release their debut LP Doom Love in a month, make music that plays well in all seasons, but works wonders against the greyness of these latter days of winter. Singer Jesse LeGallais provided Cult MTL with five more records to pass the time till spring.

Dirty Three, Horse Stories

Listening to this record is like pinching yourself to make sure you’re not asleep or dead. Only instead of a pinch, it’s like being rolled over by a Lincoln Town Car.




The National, Alligator

Winter has got that quiet desperation vibe. Every once in awhile, the combination of no sunlight, no money and Arctic temperatures tests your sanity. Then you freak out, make a fool of yourself, calm down, apologize and start again. Alligator lets you feel like you’re commiserating with friends while staying home alone.



The Chromatics, Kill for Love

Winter is full of endless cold walks and for some reason, “Italo Disco” just seems to be the perfect soundtrack.





Phoenix, It’s Never Been Like That

I got really excited about their upcoming album. It made me want to re-listen to their older stuff (and watch interviews with Sofia Coppola, too). “Rally” is such a good song. I love the simplicity of the line “Standing in line, I think you’re pretty /Lying on your bed, I think you’re pretty too.”



Galaxie 500, On Fire

If I could hook this album up like a morphine drip and lay in bed for the next month I would. Seriously. ■





CTZNSHP open for Beach Fossils with Alex Calder at Il Motore (179 Jean-Talon W.) tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 8 p.m., $15

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