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Earlier this week, Cult MTL‘s editors visited the Montreal Reddit board with one noble goal in mind: to answer every question on the first page of the so-called front page of the Internet.

Reddit Montreal, as it appeared this Monday at 6:38 p.m.

This week, Cult MTL’s editors headed over to Reddit’s Montreal board with one noble goal in mind: to answer every question on the first page of the so-called front page of the Internet. Will this be an ongoing endeavour? We’re not really sure. Below, though, are responses to every query found on the board at 6:38 p.m. on Monday.

Question about lease transfers.
Submitted by: cutofmyjib
Answer: If you’ve signed an official lease transfer and your apartment doesn’t look like this, you’ll get the option to renew.

Is the weather this weird?
Submitted by: Chinksta 
Answer: That depends on how you define weird. Yes, this time of year is normally cold and snowy, as it was a couple of weeks ago. Then, as you noted, it got relatively mild and kind of rainy. Very observant, right? But yeah, this is kind of unusual, but not entirely unwelcome, especially among those of us who tell themselves that, as soon as the streets dry off, they’ll go skateboarding or something. Of course, it’s also going down to -19 C tonight.

Looking to get a new ski jacket, suggestions of where to look / best current or upcoming sales?
Submitted by: duffmtl
Answer: Layer. Why spend your paycheck on a neon nightmare when you can throw on a thermal, a hoodie and a K-Way shell? Voila — you’re the most stylish guy on the slopes of St-Sauveur.

Outdoor, recreational soccer league (women or coed) / Ligue de soccer récréative extérieure (femmes ou mixte)
Submitted by: ThatsTasty
Answer: Planning ahead, eh? Creepy sounding teams like Willows and Raging Ageless Women appear to be on hiatus, and Club Montreal’s mixed winter league (indoors) is full up. You could always hibernate.

Where to live in Montreal for me?
Submitted by: nicholjs
Answer: Here are neighbourhoods you should definitely not choose if you’re trying to learn French: Mile End, NDG, downtown, Westmount.

Want real French immersion? Working-class Québécois ‘hood Hochelaga-Maisonneuve would do the trick. You might also consider the eastern Plateau. Anything around Papineau will be pretty French, and there’s lots of nice architecture, cafés and UQAM-going hipsters to ogle. Rosemont would be a good second choice.

We’re not sure what you mean by the Montreal “tech scene,” but it’s really too bad you missed out on the sex machine.

Cous de basse et théorie musicale…?
Submitted by: Grimmfence
Answer: The cheapest option? The Music Theory Pro app. You are your own best teacher. (And sorry — we can’t help you with bass.)

Anyone here ever used the isp distributel?
Submitted by: TheBlahrg  
Answer: Distributel’s a reseller that somehow, magically, offers cheaper service to consumers than the companies it’s buying from offer. Plus, unlimited downloads! Just don’t expect good or reliable customer service.

I’m looking for a yoga studio that can hold 40 people to rent. Apperently this is a lot harder then I expected
Submitted by: MortyMcMorston
Answer: Is the bathtub full of ice a condition of the rental? Also, can we please just direct our readers’ attention to this video? He’s got an internal thermostat he can control with his mind?!

Volunteer fire fighting
Submitted by: insurgent29
Answer: According to this website, no can do.

Where is a nice place to go ice skating in Montreal?
Submitted by: -apple-
Answer: We like to keep things simple when it comes to winter activities. That means you’ll find us skipping Alternative Rock Wednesdays at the Old Port rink in favour of the frozen pond at Parc Lafontaine. This is old-school skating, down to the tinny music blasting from ancient speakers along the ice.

Also, don’t believe the person who suggested 1000 de la Gauchetière. It’s indoors, overcrowded and tiny. If it’s too cold for your weak ass, hit the city arenas — sure their hours are weird, but these places are huge, nearly empty and free. But you should call before going down, even when you know the hours, to make sure there’s not some kids’ hockey crap going on.

Looking for a place to print documents – Cherche un endroit pour imprimer des documents
Submitted by: gordonshumwalf
Print shops are pretty much everywhere in Montreal, but you’ll find plenty around McGill or Concordia. If you like getting yelled at by colourful characters as you print your documents, you can’t go wrong with Copie Express, at Sherbrooke and University. Otherwise, CDMPrint, on St-Laurent, south of Rachel, is good.

Recherche une équipe de foot en salle – Looking for an indoor soccer team
Submitted by: pasbeaucorrea
Way to sell yourself, “awful goalie.” Were you the last kid to the team in school? That seems to have left a mark.

Bars that play top 40/pop and/or have a jukebox?
Submitted by: uselessmember
La Petite Idée Fixe, on Parc, just above Villeneuve, has a jukebox that definitely contains some top 40, as whydoesitexist said. So does Copacabana, on St-Laurent, above Napoléon.

A lot of jukebox joints are also total dives, like the Midway, on St-Laurent below Ste-Catherine, or the no-name bar at the corner of Jarry and de l’Epée, both of which also have VLTs, of course. But we’d rather hang out there than on Crescent, where the carousel of Top 40 crap never stops making us nauseous.

Places to buy Loose Tea?
Submitted by: pvrbl
Step 1: leave apartment. Step 2: throw rock. There’s a 50 per cent chance the first 20-something you hit will be going into a tea shop.

But seriously, this isn’t hard to find. Camelia Sinensis is to the third-wave coffee shop as David’s Tea is to Starbucks. Also: Marie thé, Esprithé, Kusmi, the shops on every corner in Chinatown (and in the Chinatown malls) and hilarious David’s Tea knockoff Ceasar’s Tea (it’s worth going just to check out the down-to-the-font imitation). If you somehow find yourself at that north central mall known asRockland, Teavana is pretty sweet.

Cité de la Biotech/Biotech City – Laval.
Submitted by: tentends1
Answer: It’s a DNA-stealing front for the Church of Scientology.

Best comic book store downtown?
Submitted by: Karelliann
Answer: Librairie Astro.

Apartment garbage bylaws in Montreal?
Submitted by: dickralph
Answer: We’ve lived in buildings with and without bins. Judging by the Régie’s lack of literature on this subject, along with the other responses in this thread, we’re guessing no. And some of us are neat freaks.

You could always look into composting services with Compost Montreal — for $5 a week, they’ll give you a bucket (with lid!) and come and get your unwanted apple cores, coffee filters and egg shells. Plus, then you can pat yourself on the back for legitimately being better than everyone else. ■

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