Big talk: No More Radio

No More Radio brings network podcasting to Montreal, featuring podcasts covering numerous facets of local cultural life.

Chicago has This American Life. Vancouver boasts Stop Podcasting Yourself. Toronto has Q. Montreal may be many things, but a podcast city it is not. Staking out some bandwidth in the name of all things smoked meat, Paul Aflalo, Al Lafrance, and Matt Goldberg joined forces to launch Montreal’s first podcast network, No More Radio. The network provides a home for a group of curated podcasts that are produced in or about Montreal.

Aflalo explains, “There are podcast networks on the West Coast and in the United States. Networks like the Smodcast Network and Maximum Fun are well known. We have nothing similar here.”

The idea for a podcast network began almost a year. Aflalo hosted a weekly radio show focused on arts and culture on CJLO. “We wanted to grow our radio show beyond college radio. There was a demand to do podcasts alongside the radio show. So, one year ago, we started podcasting as an extension of the radio show.” With some technical wizardry and editing, the weekly radio show was readied for podcasting. Starting in February, Aflalo and his co-hosts went further, recording a live show in front of an audience as a sort of bonus podcast. The live shows have proven the most popular downloads.

From there, Aflalo decided to take the plunge, leaving the airwaves for the digital world. “We left CJLO amicably,” Aflalo assures.

Aflalo’s podcast, Edge of the City, broadcasts live every week at the Montreal Improv Theatre with occasional forays out into the field. Each week is a melange of interviews, musical performances, and a bit of politics. “It’s a great show for discovery,” Aflalo says. “We love sharing our finds with everyone.”

As for the rest of the podcasts on the network, most were actively sought. The hosts are known around the city for their involvement in radio programs on community and college radio stations. “They control the content,” Aflalo says. “We help them produce and distribute.”

Dirty Feet takes a look at news in the world of dance and movement-based performing arts. Hosts Allison Burns, Joanne Pharand, J.D. Pappillon and Jenn Doan interview choreographers, dancers, journalists and producers about their lives in the industry and the world at large. In addition, previews and reviews of productions, events, workshops are covered. While the Montreal dance scene tends to be low-key in the city, worldwide it is well-respected and prolific, known for its openness and innovation.

Confabulation, Montreal’s monthly storytelling event akin to the New York-developed The Moth, transformed its live show into a podcast hosted by Matt Goldberg. The episodes feature popular stories from the live show, combining them with interviews and bonus material.

The Latin title of Illa Fabulis suggests that host Angela MacKenzie approaches her topic – Canadian women – with depth and intelligence. The show looks at the amazing lives, works and opinions of creative Canadian women, through interviews, music, readings and performances.

Finally, On Repeat is a music discovery podcast hosted by Dave Cool. How cool is Dave (like he’s never heard that one before)? Well, when it comes to music, Dave does openly what everyone does or wants to do in secret. Namely, he plays his favorite songs over and over and over again. Each episode is a curated playlist of songs accompanied by an in-depth interview with one of the artists.

“We wanted to bring everyone together under one umbrella and create something,” Aflalo concludes. “We’re putting together a different series of podcasts in one community to help promote from within and grow from that.”

Creating a community of podcasts, No More Radio’s podcasts can be found at or heard during the weekly live broadcast on Mondays. ■

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