Today’s Sounds: Dethklok

The new record by your favourite animated metal band plus an unreleased track by Roc Marciano and the new video by Wild Nothing.


Dethklok, Dethalbum III (Williams Street)

After slaying the sophomore slump with the sonically pleasing Dethalbum II in 2009, Brendan Small (most famous, at least in my mind, for the ever-delightful Home Movies TV series) continues to pump out melodic death metal with Dethtalbum III. Straying far from subtlety (lead single “I Ejaculate Fire” and its accompanying video put any notion of lyrical growth to rest), the band, which includes über-drummer Gene Hoglan, continues to pander to its fanbase with a collection of a dozen songs all about killing, blood, gore and guts. Perfect for the Halloween season.

It’s easy to dismiss a band whose conceit is that its members are animated characters, but as Gorillaz proved almost a decade ago, image isn’t everything and crews can often produce great works. Small and his crew manage to produce some of the most anthem-worthy metal this side of Valhalla, and nothing changes with this release. “The Galaxy” is a prime example, a lengthy intro that gives way to a twin-guitar attack that’s both hummable and brutal. It practically begs every chubby 15-year-old wearing a black band shirt to rise up and clench their fists in (their warped version of) joy. Catch them live at Metropolis on Nov. 5.


Roc Marciano, “Bozak”

This is an unreleased track featured on the re-release of Marciano’s 2010 LP Marcberg, out Oct. 30 on FatBeats. Check it!
Roc Marciano – Bozak by FatBeatsRecords


Wild Nothing, “Paradise”

Yes, that is Michelle Williams, and no, this is not a New Order cover. Wild Nothing’s latest album is Nocturne.

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