Boundaries & Consent Workshop (Level 1)

Boundaries & Consent Workshop (Level 1)

Sunday, May 7, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Communication skills (the “right words”) are not the key to confident boundaries. We’ll explore and connect with what is.

  • Learn to take care of yourself without feeling selfish or guilty
  • Shift from people-pleasing and self-doubt to self-trust and self-worth.
  • Shift from codependency to interdependence.
  • Negotiate your needs with clarity, respect and confidence so you don’t burn out or get resentful.

What to Expect

This is a custom workshop designed by me and you, in the moment. Depending on the group of 28 that shows up, I will choose different exercises and adapt them to the group’s presenting curiosities and challenges.

Who This is For

1) Individuals and couples.

Partners, parents, lovers, leaders and caregivers who want to create more conscious, healthy, empowered and secure relationships.

2) Complete beginners to intermediate

All those you want more practice consciously creating relationships that feel really good at home and at work.


Since 2016, Brian has worked with self-aware empaths and leaders from moms and doulas to general managers, teachers and engineers. Specializing in relationships, boundaries, codependency, trauma, and communication, he blends many coaching, therapy and alternative methods of healing to relieve suffering for his clients and open up new experiences of freedom, peace and connection. Brian is coming out with a 2nd edition of his book called Confident Boundaries: How to Stop People-Pleasing and Take Care of Yourself without Feeling Selfish or Guilty, as well as a 2nd edition of his online course on boundaries.

My co-facilitator Marilyne is also my partner. We are in a consensual non-monogamous relationship. I felt it was important to facilitate this work with a female to provide some balance, plus being in partnership allows us to also share our personal stories and vulnerabilities to make the work as practical and relatable as possible. 

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The 3 hour workshop balances:

1) Theory / Knowledge

2) Experiential Learning / Practice


We will facilitate paired and group activities that include debriefs where we harvest learning from activities. 

What to Bring:

1) Water bottle

2) Notebook and pen (not necessary, just for those who enjoy writing things down. A handout will be provided after the workshop to support your learning/integration/retention).


Yoga cushions ***with no backs*** are provided as seating. If you require more support, you could bring your own chair or we could set you up against a wall. All activities will have the option of sitting or standing so you can be as comfortable as possible.


Ashtanga Yoga Montreal

2nd floor – 372 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Suite #118, Montreal, QC


e-transfer to

$65/person – Early bird before April 21st

$85/person – Regular



Date and Time

Sunday, May 7, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Event Registration

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Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, Montreal, QC