Dequoy tu parles? No apology needed!

“Als defensive back Marc-Antoine Dequoy enthusiastically celebrating the team’s win on Sunday in a now legendary post-game interview was a bit in your face, very shouty and not overly composed. But really… who can blame him? Well, some did, but I think they’re wrong.”

Don’t mess with Montreal’s magic

“Chef-restaurateur Dyan Solomon is a big part of what makes Montreal special, but before she fell in love with the city after arriving here from Kingston, ON, she was one of those dreaded McGill students the current government would rather see decrease in number.”

The Land of Tears: The Israeli-Palestinian tragedy can only end by putting innocent civilians first

“‘It’s such a secret place, the land of tears’ is a line from The Little Prince, one befitting not only the grief I see on people’s faces on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — each locked in their own reality of loss, often unable to see the other’s — but also how I see the Middle East: as a perpetual place of conflict and mourning throughout my entire lifetime.”

The problem with reconciliation in Canada

“Indigenous Peoples are not losers of history asking for the beneficence of a superior people. They’re human beings with a commitment to preserving their own existence, which is a basic human right.”