Her pregnant brother: Johanna Nutter talks about her family and Zoofest play

In the creation of her play My Pregnant Brother, Johanna Nutter cried out that she was “cannibalizing” her family for an audience, but three years later she seems more at peace with the delicate territory of the memoirist.

“I really did struggle with those fears, those fears of exploitation,” Nutter admits in a quiet café in downtown Montreal. “I had to ask myself over and over again “Why are you telling this story? [But] it wouldn’t let me go. It wouldn’t let me sleep.”

In 2006, Nutter was trying to separate herself from the caretaking role in her family, when she received a phone call from her brother. In the midst of his female-to-male transition he found himself pregnant and called upon his older sister, as he had so many times before. The call left Nutter lying prone on her kitchen floor for 26 hours.