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Gun violence in Montreal is down 24% this year

“The fight against gun violence remains a priority and we will continue to tackle it on several fronts.”

In an SPVM press conference last week, Montreal police announced that gun violence in the city is down 24% in 2024 compared with the statistics from the same period last year.

There have been 53 recorded incidents involving firearms in Montreal over the past five months: 7 murders, 9 attempted murders and 37 weapon discharges. The SPVM reports that they made 118 arrests in connection with events involving firearms and seized 275 weapons in the same period.

Gun violence in Montreal has been on a steady decline over the past three years.

“We will continue to make our presence felt on the ground and work on armed violence upstream, in a proactive and integrated manner.”

Gun violence in Montreal is down 24% this year

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