Things to do in Montreal

Montreal has proudly retained its French charm and has emerged as a popular multicultural tourist destination.

The Canadian city of Montreal’s history begins as a French colonial outpost and fur-trading centre in the 16th century. The city’s name means royal mountain in French. It eventually became the largest French-speaking city outside France and Canada’s second largest city after its English-speaking rival Toronto. Montreal has proudly retained its French charm and has emerged as a popular multicultural tourist destination. Join us on a virtual tour below as we unpack the best things to do and experience in this beautiful Canadian city. 

Montreal Casino

Montreal Casino is Canada’s largest casino and an eldorado for any visitor who enjoys the excitement of casino games. Located in Parc Jean-Drapeau adjacent to the Old Port area, it is housed in buildings that used to serve as Québec and French pavilions during the Expo 67 exhibition. 

The casino offers a huge variety of 120 gaming tables and more than 3000 slot machines. You can also experience gambling in an online casino during your visit to Montreal.The advantage of playing online is that gambling sites are open 24/7 and easily available via your laptop or smartphone. 

Visit the Old Port 

No visit to Montreal is complete without wandering in the city’s Old Port or Vieux-Port as it is called in French. Dating back to 1611, the port area has become a tourist magnet with plenty of shopping opportunities and varied eateriesalong a trendy boardwalk. Architecture lovers will admire the mix of historical French and British buildings. Notable gems include the beautiful Hôtel-de-Ville (City Hall) and the Notre-Dame Basilica, which have retained their French charm. 

Mount Royal

Montreal’s iconic Mount Royal is a popular spot on many tourist itineraries. The mountain, which gave the name to the city, is conveniently located in downtown. Frederick Law Olmstead who designed New York’s Central Park also designed the Mount Royal Park. The area has become a popular place where locals meet up with friends and family members for various outdoor activities such as picknicks, jogging, cycling and horseback riding. In winter Mount Royal turns into a snow-covered wonderland, which is enjoyed by countless children and adults alike. 

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal will not disappoint admirers of fine arts and culture. The city’s Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains an impressive collection of around 41,000 works. Established in the 1860, the museum’s diverse collection complements traditional fine arts with music, film fashion and various design exhibitions. The immensely popular museum attracts more than one million visitors every year so you will be in good company with other art lovers. 

Montreal – a food mecca

Montreal has proudly blended its French roots with a diverse multicultural scene. It is therefore not surprising that the Canadian metropolis has become a mecca for all food lovers. Montreal has become famous for its iconic bagels that rival those offered in New York. St-Viateur Bagel ranks as one of the best bagel places in town. It is a family-owned establishment that includes several bagel cafés and cafes spread out across the city. Reuben’s Deli & Steaks in downtown is a great place to try out the famous local meat sandwiches. Individuals who are not on a diet should consider trying the delicious Poutine, a popular Quebec dish consisting of french fries and cheese curds. It is offered across the city. The French influences can be found in French pastries including croissants as well as crêpes.Popular local crepes places include Breizh Café and Crêpes Spanel. For a more exotic variant, consider visiting the popular Montreal Chinese Crêpes & Dumplings. 

Watching a Montreal Canadians hockey game

A visit to Montreal is a great opportunity to experience Canada’s national sport ice hockey. The city is home to the Montreal Canadians, one of best and most iconic hockey teams of all time in the North American NHL League. Since its establishment in 1909, the Montreal Canadians has won no less than 24 Stanley Cup titles. 

Underground City 

Like much of Canada, Montreal can get very cold in winter. Montreal’s Underground City is a popular place where locals and visitors keep themselves warm during the long winter months. It is a 32 kilometers subterranean tunnel system packed with an abundance of shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The Underground City is also a pleasantly cool place during the summer. It is therefore not surprising that more than half a million of people pass through this vast commercial underground area on any given day.


The Canadian metropolis Montreal is one of the world’s most exciting places to visit. The city offers a unique blend of French, English and multicultural influences. The Old Port with its shops, restaurants and European architecture is one of the city’s most popular spots. Mount Royal is the city’s proud mountain and beautiful outdoor wonderland throughout the year. The Montreal Casino is the largest in Canada and an Eldorado for gambling fans. 

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is Canada’s most popular museum and will delight all art lovers. Multicultural Montreal is a culinary heaven with popular dishes like bagels, crepes, smoked meat sandwiches and French pastries. Watching a Montreal Canadians hockey game or shopping in the Underground City are other activities that attract many locals and foreign visitors alike.