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Photo by Elsa Olofsson

Pre-rolls for a stroll, or smoking weed in wintertime

“All I want to do during winter is chill the fuck out, light up some reefer and listen to some good music.”

This month, I’ve decided to review a set of pre-rolls AND some good old dried herbs, just because the thought of getting through the slushy, icy, treacherous conditions out there makes me want to smoke myself numb.

All I want to do during winter is chill the fuck out, light up some reefer and listen to some good music. On that note, I listened to Young Fathers’ Heavy Heavy album while smoking some of this stuff, and it was quite a trip to say the least.

5 Points and R’Belle are based in Pierreville and Louiseville, respectively (the trend of combining someone’s name with the word “ville” is not lost on me), and both brands delivered the goods, so to speak, with the products I got. They also happen to be good companions during alleyway Plateau walks when it’s not too cold out.

5 Points Zsweet (pre-rolls)

I took a couple of these for a spin (it came in a three-pack) during one of those aforementioned alleyway walks, and they did not disappoint. While lights from people’s backyards are surrounding you, taking a toke on one of these bad boys can almost make it feel like you’re in a trance or a dream. There’s something about smoking during the winter months that feels surreal, like a near-transcendental experience. Some folks built snowmen, others still have their Christmas lights up. Regardless, it’s a fucking great backdrop for a nice, cozy head high these joints give me.

They don’t burn the smoothest, but they’re not too bad either, and there’s a citrus-like taste there while inhaling. Despite the lofty THC percentage (I got 28.32%), it’s not as overwhelming a high as you’d imagine, though it’s pleasant and consistent if not terribly enduring. Some puffs hit more harshly than others, but I enjoyed it. 7.5/10

R’Belle Marseille (dried flowers)

The monochrome packaging for this brand is one of its biggest calling cards for me (I’m a big fan of their Apple Fritter strain), and the turquoise colour on this one stands out in a good way. But I never judge a book by its cover no matter how pristine it looks — that said, this sativa is a solid one. Good GOD does it make me feel all nice and tingly around my eyelids in a really nice kind of way.
When I opened up the bag, the aroma was fresh and fruity, while the buds were just the right kind of texture. This is usually closer to 25% THC, but I felt more fucked off of this stuff than the pre-rolls. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me particularly hungry — though it does, of course, have other side effects for me, like causing me to occasionally forget certain things immediately after thinking about them. I won’t forget how good this batch made me feel anytime soon, though. 8.5/10

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This article was originally published in the Feb. 2024 issue of Cult MTL. 

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