Millmans Montreal review Restaurant Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Millmans

Millmans diner has evolved into a local favourite.

The following capsule review of Millmans appears in the 2024 Montreal Restaurant Guide. To read the complete issue, please click here.


As a born and raised Montrealer, I very much remember when Wellington Street in Verdun was empty. It’s a delight to now see it bubbling with a variety of hotspots, a delectable list of options for eats and (as always) vibes. Nicholas Gaudette has carved out a space for everyone’s favourite: brunch. Millmans diner has evolved into a local favourite. Get a classic Millmans breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausages, perfectly crisped potatoes) or sate your desire for a lox bagel. With mimosas, a permanent flow of coffee and a caesar that hits just right, the occasional wait will prove all too worth it for brunch enthusiasts everywhere. (3779 Wellington)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Millmans

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