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Justin Trudeau: “Conservative politicians across the country are misleading Canadians”

The prime minister has called out Conservative premiers and politicians in Canada for “not telling the truth” about the carbon tax.

During Wednesday’s press conference where Justin Trudeau announced the implementation of a Canadian Renters’ Bill of Rights as part of the upcoming budget, the prime minister called out Conservative politicians and premiers across the country, saying that they are “misleading Canadians” in regards to the carbon tax.

The carbon tax is scheduled to increase on April 1, and Trudeau reiterated that the government will not be pausing this year’s increase because of the effects of the carbon rebate, which more than offsets the cost of the tax for 8 in 10 families in provinces affected by it.

During the press conference, Trudeau was asked if he was open to discussing the carbon tax increase with the premiers.

“Over the past number of years, I’ve sat down with every premier in the country to talk about everything that we are doing together, not just to fight climate change, but to put more money in the pockets of Canadians. Conservative premiers across this country are misleading Canadians — they’re not telling the truth.

“Eight out of ten families across the country in federal backstop jurisdictions make more money with the Canada carbon rebate than it costs with the price on pollution. So not only are we fighting climate change and reducing emissions, but we are putting more money back in the pockets of families, particularly low and middle income families across the country. It’s basic math that the parliamentary budget officer has confirmed time and time again. But for ideological reasons, or reasons of pure partisanship, Conservative politicians across the country are not telling the truth to Canadians. And that’s why I called them out. And I’m going to continue to call them out and remind them that if they really don’t like our approach to pricing pollution, they can develop their own approach.”

Trudeau explained that “a more conservative government in B.C.” developed their own plan to price pollution years ago, as has Quebec.

“Conservative premiers, in general, would rather complain and attack, and mislead Canadians for their own political gain, because of both an ideological objection, apparently, to fighting climate change, but also to an unwillingness to recognize that we are putting more money in people’s pockets — with rebate cheques that Pierre Poilievre wants to take away from Canadians.”

Justin Trudeau: “Conservative politicians across the country are misleading Canadians”

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